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I’m please to say that my second poetry collection, The Way Out, will be published with Parthian later this year.


‘The language is muscular, the voice commanding, while the subject matter considers the cruel joke of mortality through very tangible and physical descriptions. In such a landscape, the body becomes an undiscovered country, relationships are unsteady, and place is viewed as if through a kind of vertigo. Whatever the direction in The Way Out, there is always movement inwards, through, and out in the world.’ – Zoë Brigley

‘The way out of the title isn’t an exit – more like being outbound on a journey. The destination of each poem, whether in another country or at home, in the past or in the body itself, is to be entirely, physically present. As one poem says, “The way out is here.”’ – Philip Gross

‘This inquisitive collection roams into the spaces we can’t reach – the lungs, the liver – and those we think we know: back gardens and parks, the distances between people. The mysteries of the body offer ways into the mysteries of human relationships, and back out again as families mourn and re-make themselves, landscapes invite and consume. A book of transitions, The Way Out is always moving, offering fresh perspectives with wry humour and unsettling angles.’ – Katherine Stansfield

‘a pleasure to hold in mind, sweet and salt with a sharp aftertaste, somewhat disquieting, and more of a pleasure for that.’ – Stephen Payne


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