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Punch short story collection out on 4th of March, available to order now.

Whether it’s a man with a growth on his hand, a couple trying for a baby, a woman finishing a book, a pope with penis envy, or a bullied girl, the characters caught in the slipstream world of Punch have no choice but to look again at their surroundings and themselves. Humorous, disturbing, this debut short story collection shows us how strange life in the early twenty-first century is.

“Punch is original and inventive. North finds oddities in the familiar and cruelties in the banal, making these meticulously-crafted stories simultaneously warm and unnerving, sincere and gutsy.”
Rachel Tresize

“Kate North’s short fiction collection is wonderfully weird and uncanny: she can make the ordinary seem strange, and the strange seem ordinary. Carefully crafted and rich with poetic detail, these speculative stories startle and unsettle at every step.”
Tyler Keevil

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